today was a shit day...

first i have to wake up at like 8am to go and sit outside while we have a yard sale...
then i have to go to work EWW
then when i am on my break i find out my grampa died...
go home go to the mall to buy a funeral dress then come home and be bored and listen to sad music and then since my boyfriend is out with his friends i decied to return Uri's call and hang out for a bit
later when we were chilling at bob's house i get a call from mikey (my bf) and he is all pissed because we were originaly going to hang out but since i had to go to the mall with my family he couldnt come down so he went out, then when he came back he called me and i was at bob's house so he was mad...
i feel like crap too.


today is boring and i hate this feeling of being pissed off and confused and cold constantly!
fuck this
i have to clean!

im in hiding from the world.
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